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Trip to Dublinia

On Friday on the 11-10-2019, the two 6th classes went to a museum called Dublinia. It is a Viking and Norman museum which is located beside Christ Church on High Street, the entrance only cost us 5 euro.

When we got there, we were met by a man who was wearing Viking clothing and he was also holding an axe. He was our tour guide. He brought us into different rooms showing and explaining about the history of the Vikings. He said that the name Dublin came from Dubh Linn which means black pool. He said that the Vikings had made these tents which they could carry so they can travel easier. He told us that if you broke a rule or did something bad they would put your head on a board and put metal shaped so it would go around your neck and then they would throw fruit at you. They also had their type of medicine to cure for an example headaches earaches and more. He said that in Vikings ages there was only one room which they shared they even had pigs in these rooms, it was very cramped because there was a lot of people inside.

After that me and my class went back to school and had our lunch. We had fun on the trip and really enjoyed the day. 

By Gracjan Kadziola

The Rube Goldberg Challenge.

A fun day in DIT, Grangegorman where we learned about forces and work. Thanks to Ian, Wendy and Riona for the invite. A fun learning experience.

St. Brendan’s GAA Blitz.

Another fun day in DIT Grangegorman for all classes at today’s GAA blitz. Once again the weather was good and everyone participated and had fun. Thanks to St. Brendan’s GAA for organising.

Sports Day 2019

Brunner Sports Day fun at Blackhall yesterday. Great fun, great weather too. Many thanks to the Law Society once again for the use of their fabulous grounds.

Show and Tell.

Lava rocks all the way from Mount Vesuvius in Italy to the Brunner for a very interesting show and tell in school today.

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