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Science with Lego.

Third class boys using lego to explore science.

Ukulele Lesson for 3rd and 4th

3rd and 4th Class took a trip to the Ilac Library to take part in a Ukulele workshop on the 25th of January. They enjoyed getting to play, learn some notes and listening to the music teacher, Ríona, play a song for us! Well done boys!

Design a Safety Jacket for an Egg

The class was split in groups of 2 for a science experiment, designing a safety jacket for an egg. Each group first got an egg, then wrapped it in tin foil, tissue, wool, tape and a lot more materials. The safety jacket has to be able to protect the egg and prevent damage when the egg is dropped from 2 meters of height, Some eggs survived, others miserably said goodbye to their life. By Peiran Zhu, 6th Class.

Power of Design – Workshop

Matt is an architect that works for Dublin City Council, he came to the class to show us the power of design. First, we watched an animated video about the power of design. Then we watched it again but this time we focused on the detail and listed all the things in the video that changed into a better version of itself. After that we answered questions to find out what type of design suits us. Later on we were split into 4 groups of 4 and each group designed something they could improve in everyday life. By Peiran Zhu, 6th Class.

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Award Winners Christmas 2018.

Well done to all award winners for Christmas 2018.  Merry Christmas from all in the Brunner.  School re-opens on Monday January 7th.

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