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Trip to Ticknock

Last Thursday Mr Howard’s  5th   class went to Ticknock in the Dublin mountains.

After small break I went in Mr Howard’s car and other people went in Ms Fleming’ car and the rest went in Deco’s bus.

When we left school the traffic was bad and we drove for 1 hour until we got to Ticknock.

When we arrived at the start of the walk our class drank some water and started to walk. It was a lovely day and we wore shorts and t shirts.

It took 20 minutes to get to the top of Ticknock.  We ate lunch and went climbing some massive rocks and the view was great you could see Dun Laoghaire and Howth and all of Dublin. It was so cool. After 20 minutes we walked down to we got to the cars and the bus.

When we got back to school, we were tired but we still went out for a game of football. We got no homework and it was a great day.


photo ticknockWritten by Alex Badarau.




St Brendan’s Coach speaks to 5th class boys

In episode 6 of the Brunner Interviews, Dave and Joseph speak to Jason. Jason is the in-school coach with the local GAA club St Brendans. Jason tells us all about his own love for the GAA especially hurling and his experience growing up playing hurling with his home club Crumlin. The boys had a great conversation with Jason about coaching and playing sport. St Brendan’s run a kids club every Saturday morning in Grangegorman and are always looking for new members. For more information check out this page on their website!

The Brunner Interviews

Welcome to The Brunner Interviews. A series of interviews with people in the school community. In the Brunner Interviews the kids get to ask the important questions. The project is only in its infancy but we hope to expand it in the next school year.

In episode 1, Muhammed from 5th class interviews Mike the Caretaker about his role in the school. He speaks about the jobs he does on a daily basis, where he is from and his involvement in the Green schools. Muhammed does a great job.

In episode 2, Yassin and Kyle speak to 16 year old Daniel McKenna. Daniel is a former brunner student who is currently living out many a Brunner boy’s childhood dream; to become a full-time footballer. Daniel currently plays for Wolves u18’s and has captained Ireland at many levels. The boys have a great chat about Daniel’s career so far, his experience in Brunner and his hopes for the future. This video is a must watch for any boy who wishes to follow in Daniel’s footsteps and make a full time career as a footballer. Daniel is an excellent role model for any young boy and Kyle and Yassin do a super job in asking the questions.

Harvesting Broccoli

Harvesting Broccoli

Adam and Brendan pictured here with the broccoli from the school garden.

Hello, my name is Muhammad and today I will talk about our school garden. Last year when I was in 4th class in Ms.Martin’s class we planted broccoli, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin etc. So on Thursday 3rd of September 2015, we went to harvest the broccoli. Everyone got a chance to cut a piece of broccoli but they did not look like the ones you can buy in your supermarket. Mr Howard our fifth class teacher took all the broccoli and he made a soup using the freshly picked vegetables from the garden.20150904_123914-120150904_123211-1I was looking forward to tasting the soup and it was yum. All the class really enjoyed it.


Veg and fruit can make you really healthy and super strong like our teacher Mr Howard.



Junior Achievement









5th. class visit AXA as part of the junior achievement programme.


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