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The Brunner Interviews

Welcome to The Brunner Interviews. A series of interviews with people in the school community. In the Brunner Interviews the kids get to ask the important questions. The project is only in its infancy but we hope to expand it in the next school year.

In episode 1, Muhammed from 5th class interviews Mike the Caretaker about his role in the school. He speaks about the jobs he does on a daily basis, where he is from and his involvement in the Green schools. Muhammed does a great job.

In episode 2, Yassin and Kyle speak to 16 year old Daniel McKenna. Daniel is a former brunner student who is currently living out many a Brunner boy’s childhood dream; to become a full-time footballer. Daniel currently plays for Wolves u18’s and has captained Ireland at many levels. The boys have a great chat about Daniel’s career so far, his experience in Brunner and his hopes for the future. This video is a must watch for any boy who wishes to follow in Daniel’s footsteps and make a full time career as a footballer. Daniel is an excellent role model for any young boy and Kyle and Yassin do a super job in asking the questions.

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