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3rd and 4th Class Celebrate Friendship!

3rd and 4th class (rooms 8 and 9), learned about and shared the importance of friendship during our recent school Halloween Show, they performed the song ‘Be a Friend’. Take a look at the video we made of our very kind and friendly boys!


Matthew was busy over the holidays with one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions.

3rd/4th Class Trip to the Crypts

St.Michan’s Church 










Last Monday I went to St.Michan’s church to the crypts with my class and teacher. When we arrived, we went into the church. In the church the tour guide called Peter told us about the history of the crypts and what we would be seeing. He told us about the Shears brothers who were killed in the revolution. Next we went in a big crypt. We saw loads of coffins and 4 mummies at the back. Next we went to a smaller crypt. We saw skulls everywhere there and tons of more coffins. We could not touch anything there. After a while we came back to school. I liked the part when we saw the tombs and coffins, don’t forget about the mummies!

The end

3rd Class Greece Project

3rd class have been exploring and learning about the history and geography of Greece.  The children learnt facts and details about the country of Greece and also about how influencial the Ancient Greeks were to modern Western European Society.  The boys had the opportunity to taste some typical Greek food, including Greek yogurt, honey and olives.  They seemed to really enjoy this food tasting.  We also learnt lots about Italy and the boys also had the opportunity to taste typical Italian food, including pizza and pasta.  The class have also completed art work based on Ancient Greece including clay Greek Amphoras and this week we will be making Trojan Horses in art.

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