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The Brunner Interviews

Welcome to The Brunner Interviews. A series of interviews with people in the school community. In the Brunner Interviews the kids get to ask the important questions. The project is only in its infancy but we hope to expand it in the next school year.

In episode 1, Muhammed from 5th class interviews Mike the Caretaker about his role in the school. He speaks about the jobs he does on a daily basis, where he is from and his involvement in the Green schools. Muhammed does a great job.

In episode 2, Yassin and Kyle speak to 16 year old Daniel McKenna. Daniel is a former brunner student who is currently living out many a Brunner boy’s childhood dream; to become a full-time footballer. Daniel currently plays for Wolves u18’s and has captained Ireland at many levels. The boys have a great chat about Daniel’s career so far, his experience in Brunner and his hopes for the future. This video is a must watch for any boy who wishes to follow in Daniel’s footsteps and make a full time career as a footballer. Daniel is an excellent role model for any young boy and Kyle and Yassin do a super job in asking the questions.

Parent- Teacher Meetings 2016



Parent teacher meetings will be held in the school on Wednesday the 20th and 27th of January from 2.30 – 4.30. The parent teacher meeting is a good time for you to meet with the class teacher in a one to one setting. It is a great chance for both teacher and parent to learn more about your child so that you can  work together for your child’s success. Each meeting will last about ten minutes. The class teacher will arrange a suitable time for you to meet. We look forward to meeting you all.


Today we did an experiment and I think it’s really cool. The aim of our experiment was to see if seeds need water, light and warmth to start to grow.

To see if seeds germinate without water
We needed cress seeds,cotton wool and ziplock bags to do the first experiment. First we put three balls of cotton wool into the ziplock bag. Then we put some cress seeds on to the cotton wool. After that we zipped the ziplock bag and put it into the small room in the back of our classroom. We did not give these seeds any water!

To see if seeds germinate without light
Then we moved onto the second experiment. For this experiment we needed cress seeds, cotton wool, ziplock bags and a dark place. Just like we did with the first experiment, we put three balls of cotton wool into the ziplock bag and some cress seeds onto the cotton wool and then we zipped the ziplock bag. The only difference with the first experiment is we put the ziplock bag into the drawer which is the dark place. Everyday we poured water over these seeds.

To see if seeds germinate without warmth
Then we were ready for the last experiment! We used the same materials as the last two but there is one thing that is different to the last two and it is the fridge! We put three balls of cotton wool into the ziplock bag and placed some cress seeds onto the cotton wool. We zipped the ziplock bag after that. We followed the same steps as the last two but there was a difference.We put this ziplock bag into the fridge and watered it everyday.

Take a look at our pictures to see our seeds germinated. If you think our experiment is finished, then you are wrong!! This experiment is interesting and easy so you can try it in your home. And that’s the end,enjoy! Bye bye

By Youming Pan

Easter Holidays

The Easter Holidays will be on the 15th of April 2011 and will last for two weeks. The children will return to the school on Tuesday the 3rd of May 2011.This includes the June bank holiday Monday. Also the school will be closed from the 7th of June until the the 10th of June. This is the childrens mid- term break. Everyone enjoy the holidays and hope the weather is good. 🙂

Brunner wins another award in the FÍS Project

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Once again 2010, the school has won a FíS award. This is the 2nd year in a row!  The 4th Class lads Mr Howard’s Class last year won the award with their video “A Trip To Rome”  which was a history based project. Our other animation video project on Irish mythology called “Oisin in Tír Na n’Óg“, was also well received. Pictured here are pupils receiving their awards from both 5th Classes. The awards are presented by Sinead Dennehy (RTE), Cathal Gaffney,(Brown Bag Productions who made “Give up yer auld sins!”).

The videos will be up on the website over the next few days and they are well worth a look!

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