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World War 2.

That day was an exciting day.  We went to the library to see some of the guns that are in World War II.  When we got in to the library we saw all the different type of weapons that are in the World War II.  There are AK-47, pistols and Muskets etc. It was amazing. We all took a seat, then the man started to talk and introducing the weapons……during the time, some people got to wear the different types of uniform and hold the weapons.  When the people were holding  the weapons and wearing the uniforms the teachers took a picture of them.  I got to hold some of the weapons at the end and they are really heavy.  My favourite gun in there was a pistol. The most interesting stuff there was a thing that are called flint and chizel.  You can make some sparks if you use the chizel to hit the flint.  The time was up so we had to go. At break time we were all talking about this and we all hope we can have another chance to learn more about them and we are really looking forward to it.

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