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Kilmainham Jail Visit

A trip to Kilmainham Gaol


Today I went to Kilmainham jail. It was so interesting. When I first saw the building from the outside it was huge and it was very old.


This jail was first built 1726. In this jail, you could see the criminals getting executed. It was a really successful business at the time. However, after a long time it was banned.


Next we learned about the 1916 Rising. They executed 14 leaders of the rising. The first leader to get shot was P.H Pearce. The last man to get shot was James Connolly. He got shot in a wheelchair while he had his leg infected. That cruel moment changed all of Irish history. Then Joseph Plunkett got married in the jail and a few hours later he was executed.


Mr. Parnell didn’t like how prisoners got treated so he committed a crime and then went to jail. But he got special privileges including a nice cell. It had a large painting on the wall and a bed. He was also allowed go to Paris for the Funeral. After 2 weeks he came back. In total he stayed 8 months in jail. He had a bigger cell than everyone else. He was one of the greatest politicians Ireland ever had.


I really enjoyed my trip to Kilmainham Gaol!

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