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Harvesting Broccoli

Harvesting Broccoli

Adam and Brendan pictured here with the broccoli from the school garden.

Hello, my name is Muhammad and today I will talk about our school garden. Last year when I was in 4th class in Ms.Martin’s class we planted broccoli, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin etc. So on Thursday 3rd of September 2015, we went to harvest the broccoli. Everyone got a chance to cut a piece of broccoli but they did not look like the ones you can buy in your supermarket. Mr Howard our fifth class teacher took all the broccoli and he made a soup using the freshly picked vegetables from the garden.20150904_123914-120150904_123211-1I was looking forward to tasting the soup and it was yum. All the class really enjoyed it.


Veg and fruit can make you really healthy and super strong like our teacher Mr Howard.



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