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The Zookeeper’s Visit

On December 21st the youngest zookeeper in Ireland came to see us in the library in St Paul’s Secondary school. He is a past pupil of Brunner. He brought a few reptiles with him. His name was Mark Prendergast and he works in Dublin Zoo. He told us about reptiles. Reptiles are cold blooded animals. Most reptiles eat meat except land turtles. He told us about Brian the snake. Brian eats mice. He said that Brian had been damaged because his owner bought a bulb that was too hot and it burnt his skin. Mark warned us to be very careful when buying reptiles in a pet shop because you need to know lots about them so they can have a happy life. We were all allowed to touch and hold the snakes. They weren’t as slimy as we thought they felt smooth and dry.

He told us about the frog and when it is scared it would pee on its enemy to stun it! He brought in a lizard too with a long tail and scaly skin.

Many reptiles moult or shed their skin as they grow. Ms O’ Mahony was so scared that she ran to the back of the library. Mark told us that a kamodo dragon eats insects and plants. Mark loves being a zookeeper and we had a great time too!

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